2017-18 University Bulletin 
    Nov 29, 2023  
2017-18 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Neuroscience, B.S. - Molecular Neuroscience Concentration

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NY State Program Code: 37863
HEGIS Code: 0425.00
CIP Code: 26.1501

(53-55 credits)

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary study of how the brain and nervous system functions to generate behavior, emotion and cognition.  With improved understanding of brain functioning, the research and work of neuroscientists will help to better understand neurological and psychiatric disorders that affect quality of life and lead to death.  Neuroscience integrates fields of study in biology, psychology, chemistry, and computer science. The field of Neuroscientists includes the study of cellular/molecular neuroscience—an examination of how genes and molecules regulate nerve cell function; behavioral neuroscience —an examination of how neural systems produce integrated behaviors; cognitive neuroscience—an examination of how neural substrates create mental processes and thought; and computational neuroscience—an examination of how mathematics and computer models are used to comprehend brain function.

This is a 53-55 credit major that requires students to take the following: 1. foundation courses (29-30 credits); 2. a one year capstone experience (6 credits); and 3. an area of concentration in either Molecular Neuroscience (16 credits minimum) or Cognitive Neuroscience (15 credits minimum) together with at least one related course (minimum 3 credits) outside the chosen concentration (breadth requirement).

The following are the requirements for the Molecular Neuroscience concentration.  Requirements for the Cognitive Neuroscience concentration can be found at Neuroscience, B.S. - Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration  

Capstone Experience

(6 Credits)

Capstone projects may be supervised by members of the various departments associated with the major.  Students must take 6 credits (two semesters) of research or internship capstone experience.

Concentration Courses - Molecular Neuroscience Concentration

(16 credits minimum)

Required Course

Variable Courses

(Choose 12 credits from the following offerings in Chemistry and Biology)

Breadth Requirement

(3 credits minimum)

At least one course (mimimum 3 credits) must be taken from outside the concentration: either

ePortfolio Requirement

ePortfolio will be used as an advising and assessment tool beginning with 1st year student. Every student will create their own online academic profile that will include learning goals, courses, and extracurricular experiences. Students and their advisors will have access to these profiles to track one’s academic experience, and encourage the practice of articulating goals and professional preparation and presentation.  Students will use the current ePortfolio system utilized by Psychology Majors known as the Comprehensive Assessment Portfolio. At a minimum the portfolio will include sample work from the Writing in Psychology and Psychological Research courses, sample work from at least one concentration course, an interdisciplinary course and the capstone project.

Total Program Credits: 54-55
Foundation Courses (29-30 Credits)
Capstone Experience (Credits: 6)
Concentration Courses (Credits: 16)
Breadth Requirement (3 credits)

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