2017-18 University Bulletin 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2017-18 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Childhood Education: Pre-Certification, M.A.

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NY State Program Code: 24639
HEGIS Code: 0802.00
CIP Code: 13.1202

(40 credits)

Precertification Program

Dr. Shilpi Sinha, Program Director
Post Hall Annex, Room 6
p – (516) 877-4144
f – (516) 877-4097
e - sinha@adelphi.edu

The Childhood Education Program at Adelphi University, committed to the growth and wellbeing of all children, is dedicated to the professional education and personal development of elementary teachers as advocates for children, possessed of moral purpose and vision. We embrace the ideal of working with education professionals, students, colleagues in league with our educational institutions to cultivate intellectually vital, socially just, aesthetically rich and compassionate communities in our universities, schools, towns, and cities. We strive to build an inclusive, caring educational community aimed at “cultivating the humanity” of the whole person: engaging education professionals in scholarly study and open-minded inquiry, socially engaged praxis and community service, creative experimentation and artistic expression, as well as critical self-examination and contemplative practice. Teachers are encouraged and prepared to attend faithfully to the well-being and growth of children by creating such communities with their own students, and engaging them, as well, in these practices.

  • The curriculum of the Childhood Education Program was designed to reflect this understanding of teaching and vision of education. It features:
  • Teachers collaboratively engaging in scholarly study and open-minded inquiry through course work that is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and inquiry-based.
  • Teachers participating in socially engaged praxis and community service through a program that advances critical pedagogy and service learning within a school- community partnership model.
  • Teachers exploring teaching as an art, requiring artistic expression and creative experimentation through direct engagement with the arts in arts-based classes, as well as direct experience with diverse teaching practices and possibilities via field-based courses in the pedagogical arts.
  • Teachers cultivating their own character in a program that is student-centered, individualized through course work aimed at understanding oneself via autobiographical inquiry, critical self-examination and contemplative practice—engaging teachers in the reflective practice of their craft and the articulation of personal vision through their work.

Note: The M.A. in childhood education is a program for students who do not currently hold certification in childhood education. Upon application to the program, candidates’ undergraduate transcripts will be evaluated for appropriate liberal arts course work required under New York State regulations and to meet national standards in the teaching area. Teacher candidates who have been admitted will receive by mail, from program advisers, a program of study with the results of this transcript review. Any deficient course work must be completed prior to the final student teaching semester. Accepted students must meet with an advisor to discuss requirements and program plan. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction does not waive the student teaching requirement. In compliance with New York State Department of Education regulations, this program requires a minimum of 125 hours of fieldwork in schools prior to student teaching. This program certifies teachers for grades 1–6. It does not meet State requirements for the early childhood birth–grade 2 certificate. Candidates interested in the birth–grade 2 teaching certificate should enroll in our early childhood master’s program.

Overview of the Program

Two programs of study are offered in Childhood Education:

  • The Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP) with a Childhood Education minor
  • M.A. in Childhood Education


Courses are three credits unless otherwise noted.

The following course sequence is for candidates entering the M.A. in Childhood Education in the fall semester. See departmental adviser for sequence for students entering in spring or summer. The sequence of study for candidates entering the STEP program is found here .

Requirements for the Master of Arts (M.A.) Childhood Education: Pre-Certification

Childhood Core

Note: The first 12 credits below must be completed before Pedagogical Arts core is started.


*Please see advisor for approved elective course options

Pedagogical Arts Core

Student Teaching

Student teaching is full time Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. for 16 weeks.  Classroom teacher’s who are already NYS certified may be waived from student teaching and take a six-credit education elective by advisement in place of student teaching.

Additional Requirements for Program Completion/State Certification

  • Satisfactory completion of Content Core Requirements and General Education courses, including a foreign language
  • Maintenance of 3.0 GPA in all program coursework
  • All teacher certification candidates must take and pass the New York State Teacher’s Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) required for their particular area of certification which includes the Content Speciality Test in Multisubject

Additional Graduation Requirements - D A S A Training

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