2017-18 University Bulletin 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2017-18 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology: Research Thesis Option, M.S.

NY State Program Code: 04084
HEGIS Code: 0401.00
CIP Code: 26.0101

(33 credits)

Degree Options

Students have a choice of two paths for earning a Master of Science (M.S.) in Biology. They can follow a course of study which requires a research thesis, or take the alternate program with a non-thesis option. The M.S. degree can generally be completed in one and a half to two years of full-time study, but it is also possible to complete the degree through part-time study. Most courses are offered in the evening for the convenience of the working student.

Research Thesis Option

  1. One laboratory course is required.
  2. Courses may be at the 500, 600, or 700 level. Only two courses may be chosen at the 500 level without specific approval following petition to the Director of the Graduate Program. With approval of the supervisory committee, up to 12 credits may be selected from graduate offerings in other departments.
  3. A minimum of a B average is necessary for graduation. In general, a degree will not be awarded to any student who receives 3 credits of F or 6 credits of C.
  4. Two semesters of thesis research course (BIO 798 , BIO 799 ), based on laboratory or field studies, are also required.


The course requirements for the research thesis and non-thesis options are subject to change.

Optional Concentration

Within this track, students may wish to choose a concentration, which is a special grouping of related Biology and/or ancillary courses.  This is an optional choice and the courses within the concentration are not additional to the degree program as they can be taken within the 33 credits needed for the thesis track.  Only one concentration may be chosen.

Biology: Concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, M.S.  

Biology: Concentration in Molecular Biology, M.S.  

Biology: Concentration in Physiology, M.S.