2017-18 University Bulletin 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2017-18 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Peace Studies Minor

(18 credits)

These include 3 required courses and 4 electives within the strands.


Foundations Courses

All Foundations courses must be taken before advancing in the program.

Culminating Experience

(to be taken after completion of all electives) All students will be asked to complete a faculty supervised in-service project.


(12 Credits)

Choose 12 credits from the following categories, but no more than six from any one category (students may take 12 credits from only 2 strands, but must limit themselves to 6 credits in any one strand). A cross-listed course may only fulfill the requirements of the minor once in one category; that is, the course only counts for 3 credits of 12 and only under one category.

Social Justice and Diversity:

*Students wishing to take ECA (0203) 226 must first take the pre-requisites, which are ECA (0203) 111  & ECA (0203) 112 .

Global Justice:

*Students wishing to take POL (0158) 389 as one of their electives in this strand must also take POL (0158) 280  which is the pre-requisite for the course.
**Students wishing to take ECA (0203) 231 must first take the pre-requisites, which are ECA (0203) 111  & ECA (0203) 112 .

Special Topics

Special topics (S/T) course may be taken with permission of the Peace Studies Minor Adviser

Levermore Global Scholars (LGS) Program

Students in the LGS Program should consult with the Peace Studies Adviser and the LGS Director about appropriate courses within the strands.