2024-25 University Bulletin 
    May 28, 2024  
2024-25 University Bulletin

Statistics, B.S

NY State Program Code: 40388
HEGIS Code: 1702.00
CIP Code: 27.0501
(56 credits)


Statistics is the art and science of making sense of data. The study of statistics provides students with an understanding of probability, mathematical statistics, data analysis, data science, and the analysis of big data.  To graduate with a degree in mathematics, computer science, information systems, or statistics, majors must have a GPA of at least 2.0 in all courses applied to the major, with at most one grade lower than a C–.  This applies to those courses that have been taken at Adelphi in fulfillment of the major degree requirements.  For students who want to do a graduate degree in mathematical statistics, they should also register for MTH 201 (Bridge to Higher Mathematics) and MTH 431 (Analysis).  

Advanced standing may be granted at the discretion of the department.


General Education Requirements

All students must satisfy the University’s General Education requirements, in addition to the requirements for the major in mathematics, computer science, or computer and management information systems.

Semster Sequence

Degree: B.S.
Required GPA: 2.0
Credits Required for Major: 56
Credits Required to Graduate: 120
Courses Credits Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
MTH (0144) 141 Calculus I1 4 ✓               
MTH (0144) 190 Mathematics Orientation Seminar
CSC (0145) 190 Computer Science Orientation Seminar
1 ✓               
MTH (0144) 142 Calculus II  4              
PHI (0154) 232 Computer and Information Ethics 3              
MTH (0144) 225 Statistics and Data Analytics 3              
MTH (0144) 250 Multivariable Mathematics
MTH (0144) 253 Linear Algebra 
CSC (0145) 171 Intro. Computer Programming 4              
CSC (0145) 175 Intermediate Computer Preprogramming 4              
CSC (0145) 263 Database Management Systems 3              
MTH (0144) 361 Introduction to Probability Theory  3              
MTH (0144) 362 Mathematical Statistics 3              
MTH (0144) 363 Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis 3              
MTH (0144) 226 Data Visualization 3              
MTH (0144) 364 Introduction to Regression Analysis and Big Data Analytics 3              
MTH (0144) 401 Experimental Design  3              
MTH (0144) 471 Mathematics Senior Seminar I 1              
MTH (0144) 472 Mathematics Senior Seminar II 3              
MTH (0144) 475 Statistics and Data Analytics Internship I 2              
MTH (0144) 476 Statistics and Data Analytics Internship II 2              

To register for this course, the student must have earned a grade of C- or higher in MTH 140