2024-25 University Bulletin 
    May 30, 2024  
2024-25 University Bulletin

Global Politics Minor

Global Politics minors learn about political phenomena taking place across borders and around the globe. They examine the political dynamics that influence our daily lives and shape our globalizing world. In addition to analyzing how political mechanisms vary in different parts of the world, students investigate how governments, international organizations, corporations, communities, and individuals engage in transnational and global political processes. Global politics minors develop tools and knowledge to better understand and creatively analyze complex global problems. It is valuable for informed and engaged citizenship and prepares students for competitive job markets. It can be useful for careers in business, education, law, advocacy, government, and more.

Global Politics minor 
(18 credits) 

This minor is open to students from any major except political science. 

Required (6 credits)

● POL 260 Comparative Politics (Gen Ed SS & G)

● POL 280 Theories & Practices of International Relations (Gen Ed SS & G)


Electives (12 credits): 12 credits from approved courses, below.