2024-25 University Bulletin 
    Apr 24, 2024  
2024-25 University Bulletin

History, B.A.

NY State Program Code: 04091
HEGIS Code: 2205.00
CIP Code: 54.0101

(36 credits)

The curriculum of the history major is structured in four stages or tiers. Additional appropriate courses will be determined by consultation between student and adviser.

General Education Requirements

All students must satisfy the University’s General Education and foreign language requirements , in addition to the requirements for the major.

Introductory Course Requirements (6 credits)

Sophomore Seminar in Research Skills (3 credits)

Three Fields of Concentration

Selected from US, Europe, Global, and Thematic: one 12 credit geographic field, one 6 credit geographic, and one 6 credit geographic or thematic field (24 total credits).

12 HIS (0136) credits (only 3 of which can be 100-level) in a specific geographic field (US, Europe, or Global)


6 HIS (0136) credits (only 3 of which can be 100-level) in a second geographic field (US, Europe, or Global) different from the first.


6 HIS (0136) credits (only 3 of which can be 100-level) in a third geographic field (US, Europe, or Global) different from the first two or in the thematic field approved by the department.

The courses that count for the different geographic field designations are given below.  Students should consult with the department or check its moodle site for majors for information on the thematic fields currently available and the courses that count for them.

History Electives (6 credits)

6 HIS (0136) credits

Senior Seminar (3 credits)

  3 HIS (0136) credits 400-level: Senior Research Seminar

The courses that count for the senior seminar are given below.


Additional Requirements (courses that may also fulfill field of concentration or elective requirements)

  • 3 HIS (0136) credits 200-level or above focused primarily on history prior to 1750 and
  • 3 HIS (0136) credits in a course with historiographical focus or in a course focused on writing a research paper.


Additional Rules:

Only 12 credits of 100-level courses may count towards the major.

Because the study of history requires a broad perspective on the human condition, history majors are encouraged to take courses in allied disciplines like sociology, political science, anthropology, languages and literature, and art history.  To this end, students must have the permission of their advisor and the department chair to count more than 45 HIS (0136) credits towards the 120 they need for graduation with a BA in history.


Courses that Count Toward Geographic Field, Pre-1750, Research/Historiography and Senior Seminar Requirements


  • Students in STEP/Adolescence MUST take HIS (0136) 250 Geography in History
  • To graduate with honors in history one must fulfill all requirements for a B.A. in history, have a GPA of 3.5 in history courses, and have a GPA of 3.5 in two courses that fulfill the historiography/research paper requirement.

Semester Sequence

Degree: B.A.
Required GPA: 2.0
Credits Required for Major: 36
Credits Required to Graduate: 120

Course Credits Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
HIS (0136) 101 Western Civilization I1
HIS (0136) 105 World Civilizations I1


HIS (0136) 102 Western Civilization II1
HIS (0136) 106 World Civilizations II1


HIS (0136) 201 Sophomore Seminar in Research Skills2 3     or ✓        
Historiographical or Research paper course1 3         or ✓    
Senior Seminar 3             or ✓
Pre-1750 course1 3 or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓
First Geographic History Field 12 or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓
Second Geographic History Field 6 or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓
Third Geographic or Thematic History Field 6 or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓
History Electives 6 or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓
Level I-IV Language3 0-12 or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓ or ✓
1These courses may also count toward the geographic/thematic field and history elective requirements.
2Transfer students entering with junior standing should take Sophomore Seminar their first semester at Adelphi.
3Students may elect to sit for the language competency examination to be exempt from the foreign language requirement.