2024-25 University Bulletin 
    Jun 25, 2024  
2024-25 University Bulletin

Forensic Anthropology Minor

(19 credits)

The Department of Anthropology offers a minor in forensic anthropology. Emphasis is on forensic archaeological recovery and documentation, forensic osteology, and pathology, all taught within the context of the cross-cultural perspective of anthropology. The minor includes a grouping of both basic and upper division courses in anthropology and biology, providing an undergraduate specialization in forensic studies. Several courses require laboratory components to encourage hands on experience. The course sequence for the minor is designed so that it can be completed within four academic semesters.



The following required four core courses (15 credits) are required for the forensic anthropology minor are drawn from the existing Department of Anthropology inventory, and are offered on a regular basis through the Anthropology and Biology departments:. The final upper division course (4 credits) may be selected from one of the following upper level forensic anthropology course options.