Spring 2024 Update 
    Apr 24, 2024  
Spring 2024 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Minor

(18 credits)

Students majoring in another field may minor in Psychology by completing the following: one required course (PIA 101  ) and a minimum of 15 credits in other psychology courses as specified below. Transfer students must complete at least 9 of the 18 credits at Adelphi University.

For psychology minors, only psychology courses in which grades of C- or above are obtained will fulfill the psychology requirements, and students must have a cumulative grade average of C or above in psychology courses.

Transfer Credits

Students should take at least 50% of the minor’s courses at Adelphi.

Introductory Requirements (3 credits)

Domain Requirements (6 credits)

Students must take 3 credits each in two of the four domains in psychology:

Content Area Requirements (9 Credits)

Select 3 courses from any of the four content areas below: