Spring 2020 Update 
    Jun 24, 2024  
Spring 2020 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education & Core Requirements

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University College Core Courses

All University College undergraduate degree programs, both associate’s and bachelor’s (except the B.S. in Business and B.S. in Natural Sciences), require the same 16 credits of core courses for successful completion of the degree program. Each core course is four credits. These courses are:

Waiver of Core Course Requirements

University College students may attempt to waive the core course requirement either through transfer credits or prior learning. Please check with your academic adviser if you are considering a waiver of core course requirements before you begin your degree program. A summary of the waiver of core course requirements is as follows:

Expository and Professional Writing

Exemption/transfer credit: Students who would like to exempt this course must have a portfolio of academic or professional writing work that will be evaluated by an Expository and Professional Writing instructor, and must perform a short, in-person writing sample. The writing portfolio must show examples of work that includes research integrated into the writing, that has an introduction or thesis statement, main body and conclusion or summary, that cites sources if it is an academic work, includes arguments or claims made in the work that are backed up with evidence, and that makes a consistent, coherent argument throughout the work that supports the introduction or thesis statement. Simple memos, letters or other office correspondence will not be considered for this portfolio. The in-person writing sample assists in verifying that the student’s work is comparable to their writing sample.

Quantitative Problem Solving

Exemption/transfer credit: At least two college level mathematics or one college level statistics course.

Science and the Citizen

Exemption/transfer credit: at least two science courses in transfer credit (not necessarily lab courses) or one lab science course.

Global and Societal Development

Exemption/transfer credit: at least two social science courses in transfer credit.

General Education & Core Requirements

In addition to the four core classes described above, all University College undergraduate degree programs also require successful completion of six (6) distribution courses, as follows:

  • Art (2 courses)
  • Humanities (2 courses)
  • Social Sciences (2 courses)

Note that courses designated as meeting these distribution requirements for University College may not meet the General Education distribution requirements for non-University College degrees. Check with your adviser if you have questions on this topic.

General Education & Core Requirements: Semester Sequence


Degree: B.A., B.S.
Required GPA: 2.0
Major GPA: 2.5
Credits Required for Major:
Credits Required to Graduate:

Course Credits 0-30 31-60 61-90 91-120
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
0611-121: Expository & Professional Writing 4  ✓          

0612-110: Quantitative Problem Solving, or
0144-113: Survey of Statistics, or
0144-114: Statistics for Natural Sciences1

4  ✓  ✓          
0612-131: Science and The Citizen, or
a Lab Science
0613-205: Global & Societal Development and Conflict 4  ✓    ✓          
Art 2 courses  ✓        
Humanities 2 courses  ✓        
Social Science 2 courses  ✓        

1Requirement can also be met with transfer of two college-level mathematics courses.

For more information regarding our General Education and Core requirements, please check our website at uc.adelphi.edu/.

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