2019-20 University Bulletin 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2019-20 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

4+4 Guaranteed Entrance Program/ Accelerated Scholars Program Bachelor of Arts, Science or Fine Arts degree from Adelphi/ Doctor of Medicine M.D. from SUNY Upstate

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“Upstate Medical University traces its origins to 1834; the year Geneva Medical College was founded. The college disbanded in 1871 and its assets became part of Syracuse University, which sold the medical school to the State University of New York in 1950.” As part of the SUNY system Upstate provides the highest quality comprehensive medical education. “Upstate’s mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve through education, biomedical research and health care”.

The goal of Adelphi-Upstate Accelerated Scholars Program (“ASP”) is to recruit, retain, and matriculate interested and qualified Adelphi undergraduates into Upstate’s MD program. This program seeks students with excellent academic records.


• An excellent high school GPA (minimum 90% average or a 3.50). The score will not be rounded to meet this minimum.

• SAT test scores of 1360 or better (combined Critical Reading & Math) or ACT test score of 29 Composite or better.  These scores will not be rounded to meet this minimum. 

• Must apply from high school.

• Extra-curricular activities, during high school for applicants and maintained once accepted, that clearly document experience in a healthcare setting and a commitment to community service or volunteer work.  Students will be expected to track and report these activities as an update to their Upstate representative and hours but are not required to provide further documentations. 

• Meet all other requirements for admission to Adelphi’s BFA, BA or BS program, as applicable; as such requirements may be amended from time to time in Adelphi’s sole discretion.

• The MCAT requirement for admissions into Upstate is waived for students admitted into the ASP.

• An Adelphi ASP Selection Committee will review, interview and recommend up to five (5) potential candidates who have been accepted to Adelphi to Upstate for further consideration.  

• Official entry into the program will occur only upon further interview and selection by Upstate’s Admissions Committee.  


SUNY Upstate Admission Requirements

1. Accepted ASP students will be required to meet with their Adelphi undergraduate academic advisor and pre-health advisor to craft a course schedule that meets the high academic science/general and major requirements expected of the program participants.  Unofficial transcripts must be sent by the student Upstate at the end of each semester. 

2. Complete all Adelphi graduation requirements for their specified major.

3. Complete the following Medical School prerequisite courses:  Biology I and II, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I, General Physics I and II, Biochemistry, (all science courses must include a laboratory component), Psychology, Sociology and Statistics. 

4. Students must receive no grade lower than a flat “B” (a B- will not count) in these medical school prerequisites. All of the above courses must be successfully completed at Adelphi and no other college or university. Pass/Fail courses are not acceptable. In the event that a student decides to withdraw from a course, prior permission must be granted by the Admissions Committee at Upstate 

5. ASP students are expected to carry a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours each semester.

6. ASP students must maintain a high level of academic achievement (3.50 grade point cumulative average and a 3.50 grade point semester average in the sciences each semester) and make reasonable progress toward other goals (e.g., research and experiential – as approved by the appointed Adelphi ASP representative). The GPA will not be rounded to meet these minimums.

7. Complete and track 40 hours of volunteer service during the student’s undergraduate career. It is strongly recommended that these hours be completed in direct contact with patients and physicians in a healthcare setting while at Adelphi.  

8. Maintain appropriate standards of honesty and integrity.

9. The program is binding and students will forfeit their reserved spot if they then apply to another medical school.


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