2019-20 University Bulletin 
    Dec 07, 2023  
2019-20 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Administration, Advanced Certificate

NY State Program Code: 83006
HEGIS Code: 1203.12
CIP Code: 51.3802

Designed for students who already hold a master’s degree in nursing, the Advanced Certificate in Nursing Administration program provides an educational route to respecialize in an area other than that studied in their master’s program. The program aims to strengthen the administrative or clinical capability of master’s-prepared nurses who are planning on or are already involved in a role expansion or change. 

The program is individualized for each applicant. It is a part-time course of study that includes 21 credits of master’s courses. The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the required courses. Prior graduate courses are evaluated for possible advanced standing in the certificate program. Each student’s program and required course work may differ depending on the faculty’s evaluation of courses taken in the student’s first master’s program.

(21 credits)

Post-Master’s Certificate Nursing Administration

(18 credits)

Courses are three credits unless noted otherwise.

Federally Mandated Gainful Employment Disclosure

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at adelphi.edu/ge.

Functional Focus Course

(3 credits)

  • NUR (0302) 770 – Seminar and Practicum in Nursing Administration Credits: 3.00 (retitled, Practicum in Nursing Admin - Spring 2009, Nursing Administration Theory and Practice - Summer 2015)