2019-20 University Bulletin 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2019-20 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, B.S.W.

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General Education

All students must satisfy the University’s General Education requirements , in addition to the requirements for the major. Students completing the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must also satisfy the University’s foreign language requirement. There is no University requirement for a foreign language for the B.A. degree awarded by other schools of the University or for other bachelor’s degrees such as the B.S. or B.F.A. The State of New York requires 3 credits of a foreign language or passing score on the NY State Regents test in a language other than English. 

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

NY State Program Code: 04171
HEGIS Code: 2104.00
CIP Code: 44.0701

The undergraduate social work program leads to a Bachelor of Social Work degree (B.S.W.), preparing students for generalist social work practice in the complex and varied social welfare and human services fields. Grounded in a rich and vigorous education in the liberal arts and sciences, the curriculum provides graduates with the professional knowledge, values, and skills needed to begin careers in social work. The curriculum emphasizes a generalist orientation, enabling graduates to practice their profession in a variety of areas. It also serves as preparation for master’s degree education for those graduates who wish to specialize further.

Though freshmen and sophomores may declare social work as their major, the social work program actually begins in the junior year, building on General Education and additional distribution requirements in the arts and sciences. Freshmen and sophomores considering the social work major are invited to discuss their career objectives with the director of the undergraduate program. All students considering the major are welcome to participate in the ongoing activities of the Undergraduate Social Welfare Council. In addition to special projects, speakers, and social events, a peer support program is conducted by students and faculty. In the spring semester of the sophomore year, with the advice of the program director and faculty adviser, students apply to and are considered for admission to the social work major.


Courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

Required Overall GPA: 2.5
Required GPA in Social Work: 2.75
Credits Required for Major: 68
Credits Required to Graduate: 120

Students may declare social work as their major as freshmen or when transferring from another college. A formal application process for admission to the major is required of all students and must be processed by the undergraduate social work program located in the School of Social Work. Students enrolled in the University must apply in their sophomore year. Transfer students must first apply for admission to the University. Courses in the social work curriculum are generally taken beginning in the junior year and are one part of a cluster of required courses leading to the Bachelor of Social Work degree.

To earn a B.S.W., students are required to complete 120 credits. Thirty-five credits are in the University’s General Education requirements; 47 in social welfare; 21 in liberal arts distribution requirements; and 17 in electives, which may be earned from liberal arts or social work courses. No social work course or liberal arts prerequisite credit is granted for life experience or previous work experience. Students with an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree from an accredited U.S. institution are exempt from the University’s General Education requirements. Other students, including those with an A.A.S. degree, must meet General Education requirements, transfer credits and courses taken at Adelphi. Admissions counselors can provide prospective students with additional details.

There is also a Field Instruction component to all Adelphi Social Work programs. Please read the section Field Instruction or go to socialwork.adelphi.edu/field for more information.


Select a total of 3 courses from the list below (You may select 1 course from Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, and/or a max of 2 History courses):

Any History Course (Maximum of 2 courses = 3.00 or 6.00 credits)

Any Economics Course = 3.00 credits

Any Political Science Course = 3.00 credits

Any Anthropology Course = 3.00 credits

Suggested Electives for Senior Year

Note:  *Seniors may enroll in these graduate electives for undergraduate credit.

Plan of Study

Degree: B.S.W.
Required GPA: 2.8
Credits Required for Major: 68
Credits Required to Graduate: 120

Course Credits Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
PIA (0501) 101 General Psychology 3  or ✓  or ✓   or ✓        
SOC (0170) 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 or ✓ or ✓  or ✓        
BIO (0105) 203 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
SWK (0404) 245 The Science of Social Issues
MTH (0144) 113 Survey of Statistics
MTH (0144) 114 for Natural Sciences (4 credits)
PIA (0501) 137 Psychological Statistics (4 credits)

or ✓

or ✓

or ✓
Any Bio (4 credits) or SWK 245 The Science Of Social Issues 3-4 or ✓ or ✓  or ✓        
3 Liberal Arts Courses Electives* (1 or 2 History Courses, and/or 1 Anthropology, 1 Political, 1 Economics) 9 or ✓ or ✓  or ✓        
SWK (0404) 332 BSW Practice I: Intervention in Generalist Social Work Practice) 3              
SWK (0404) 330 Field Instruction I 3              
SWK (0404) 510 Human Behavior Theory for Social Work Practice I 3              
SWK (0404) 305 Case Management
SWK (0404) 306 Introduction to Social Services with Children



or ✓

or ✓
SWK (0404) 333 BSW Practice II: Intervention in Generalist Social Work Practice) 3              
SWK (0404) 331 Field Instruction II 3              
SWK (0404) 511 Human Behavior Theory for Social Work Practice II 3              
SWK (0404) 500 Issues in Social Welfare I 3              
SWK (0404) 520 Foundations of Social Work Practice I or SWK (0404) 432 BSW Practice III: Contexts and Generalist Social Work Practice 3              
SWK (0404) 542 Oppression, Diversity and the Struggle for Human Rights 3              
SWK (0404) 490 Field Instruction III 4              
SWK (0404) 501 Issues in Social Welfare II 3              
SWK (0404) 521 Foundations of Social Work Practice (Effective Spring 16 SWK (0404) 433 SW Capstone: Applying Strategies to Develop Solutions to Social Issues) 3              
SWK (0404) 557 Social Work Research I 3              
SWK (0404) 491 Field Instruction IV 4              

Students may not begin the program in Social Work until the junior year, i.e., the fifth semester.

Students interested in majoring in Social Work should meet with the director of the BSW program to discuss their career goals and educational options: BSW and the BSW-MSW Advanced Standing program.

Courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise.

Liberal Arts Requirements

(21–22 credits)

A total of seven liberal arts courses are required for the B.S.W. degree. These prerequisites are included in a set of required and elective courses.

B.S.W. to M.S.W. Advanced Standing Program

Before completing the second semester of the senior year, Adelphi social work majors who have attained high academic achievement may apply for admission to the Advanced Standing Program, which allows them to complete the M.S.W. in only one additional year of study. Eligibility for the program presupposes a better than average record in the social work major, including Field Instruction performance. Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, with grades of B or better in social work practice courses. A comprehensive review of the candidate’s appropriateness for the Advanced Standing Program is an integral part of the admissions process and includes assessment by faculty advisers, classroom professors, and members of the School’s Admissions Committee.

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