2021-22 University Bulletin 
    Apr 22, 2024  
2021-22 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education: Graduate

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Dolapo Adeniji Neill, Associate Professor​ and Interim Chair             
Harvey Hall, Room 223
p – (516) 877-4048
f – (516) 877-4097
e – adeniji-neill@adelphi.edu

Note: Programs are accurate at the time of printing. However, as part of a process of ongoing self-evaluation, programs in the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education are subject to change. Please check with an adviser or refer to the College of Education and Health Science’s Web site education.adelphi.edu for updated information.

Ruth S. Ammon School of Education

The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education offers The Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP), an innovative five-year (B.A.,B.S./M.A., M.S.) teacher education program, and graduate programs leading to teaching credentials and advanced qualifications in educational leadership; educational technology, educational theatre, art education; childhood education; early childhood education; bilingual/TESOL education; childhood special education; early childhood special education; adolescent special education, literacy and adolescent education in English, Science, Social Studies, Math and Spanish education.

Our courses and curricula reflect a mission to prepare students to enter the education profession with demonstrable skills and abilities, pride in their chosen profession, commitment to scholarship, a shared wisdom of how students think and learn, and a respect for diversity. The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education consists of a dedicated community of scholars with a deep commitment to innovative scholarship and teaching.

The programs in the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education are registered with the New York State Department of Education to recommend initial and professional teacher certification in the certificate title for which the degree is offered. All candidates should apply for certification through Adelphi University in the semester during which they plan to complete graduation requirements.

Grading Policies

The following grading policies apply to all candidates enrolled in the department.

  1. Students must maintain a B average. If a student receives a grade of C or less in a course, it must be counterbalanced with a grade of A. Upon receiving a grade of C or less, students will receive a letter of warning from the program director.
  2. Any student who receives two grades of C+ or less during graduate work will be dismissed from the program.
  3. Upon receiving a grade of C or less, students are responsible for notifying and arranging to meet with an adviser.

Note: The College of Education and Health Sciences expects all candidates enrolled in eight-week-cycle courses to attend every session in order to receive course credit. Under extenuating circumstances, instructors may allow one excused absence.

Off-Campus Students

All students who attend degree programs at off-campus sites must enroll in at least one required class at the Garden City campus to be in compliance with federal regulations governing off-campus programs.

Adolescence Education Programs

Robert Linne, Program Director
Harvey Hall, Room 226
p – (516) 877-4411
f – (516) 877-4097
e – linne@adelphi.edu

Our view of adolescence, as well as teacher development, is holistic. That is, we believe values and personal growth should be nurtured as well as skills and knowledge in any formulation of curriculum. Scholarship is at the core of the craft of teaching. One can only help others learn if one values learning deeply and has attained a degree of mastery in the art of learning as well as an in depth knowledge of one’s primary discipline. We recognize learning as a sociocultural dynamic rather than a simple accumulation of information and skills and seek to frame our learning and service within the cultural, historical, and material contexts of the diverse populations of the New York metropolitan area.

Four programs are offered in Adolescence Education: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Candidates applying to this program are expected to have the appropriate undergraduate preparation in their chosen discipline (a baccalaureate degree or equivalent). Candidates with an appropriate liberal arts background who are certified in areas other than Adolescent (secondary) Education may enroll in this program in order to earn a second certificate and fulfill the graduate degree requirement for professional certification in both areas. Upon application to the program, candidates’ undergraduate transcripts will be evaluated for appropriate disciplinary and liberal arts course work required under New York State regulations. Any deficient course work must be completed prior to the final student teaching semester. Undergraduate course work in content area must be grades of “B” or better for candidates lacking major in content area. Candidates with major must have a 3.0 GPA in major. The Ruth S. Ammon School of Education does not waive the student teaching requirement.

Candidates who currently hold certification in one of these 7–12 areas should enroll in a graduate program leading to certification in an area other than Adolescence Education in order to fulfill professional certification requirements for both areas.

The Adolescence Education Program offers four (4) distinct disciplines of study:

  1. MA in English Education
    MA in English Education with Dual Certification Track in English 7-12 and Theater P-12
  2. MA in Math Education
  3. MA in Social Studies Education
  4. MA in Science Education

Note: In compliance with NYSED regulations, this program requires a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork in schools prior to student teaching. To meet this New York State requirement, some courses include 25 hours of fieldwork in schools.

Literacy Programs

Evelyn O’Connor, Program Director
Harvey Hall, Room 217
p – (516) 877-4173
f – (516) 877-4097
e – eoconnor@adelphi.edu

(36 or 42 credits)

This program is designed to offer an integrated, theoretically grounded view of literacy and literacy learning that addresses the needs of students and educators in diverse communities. We facilitate rigorous scholarship and research, contextualized learning and service in school and community settings, and opportunities for critical reflection on the role of literacy in society and our responsibilities as educators. This program is designed to enhance the professional preparation of classroom teachers as literacy specialists and to prepare them for leadership roles. Completion of the program will lead to New York State certification as a Literacy Specialist.

This program will enhance the professional preparation of classroom teachers, interventional literacy teachers, clinicians, supervisors, and directors or coordinators of literacy in school districts. Those candidates completing the program of study will be recommended for certification as a literacy specialist, for either a) birth through grade 6 and grade 5 through grade 12 (42 credits); b) birth through grade 6 (36 credits); or c) grade 5 through grade 12 (36 credits). As a part of program requirements, candidates will be introduced to the development of a professional standards-based electronic portfolio. This portfolio will be maintained throughout the program by the candidate and will result in a summative literacy portfolio submitted for review at mid-program and program completion. For more information about the program candidates are advised to see the Handbook for the Graduate Literacy Program and Portfolio Preparation Guide. Please contact the program director for additional information.

Candidates must hold a valid NYS teacher certification for acceptance into the Literacy Education program.

The Literacy Center

Nilla Ingravallo, Director
Chapman Hall, Room LL 1
p – (516) 877-4414
f – (516) 877-4097
e – ingravallo@adelphi.edu

The Literacy Center provides an excellent setting for the practicum component of the literacy programs, as well as community service for struggling readers and writers. Under the supervision of our faculty, candidates have the opportunity to strengthen their ability to assess and address the literacy needs of children and provide instruction to promote students’ literacy development. All graduate students in the Masters program must complete two semesters of a supervised practicum in order to qualify for New York State Certification in Literacy. Practicum courses may not be waived.

Educational Technology Programs

Matthew Curinga, Director
Alumnae Hall  - Room 226A
p - 516-237-8623
f - 516-877-4097
e - mcuringa@adelphi.edu      

The program in educational technology prepares graduates to teach, design, and develop powerful learning experiences enhanced by the latest digital technologies. Courses combine communication theory, curriculum design, human development, media authoring, and core software development and information systems skills. All graduates complete an integrative project which illustrates their technical and conceptual mastery of these diverse areas. Students also gain field experience by working with experts in a Pre K-12, higher education, or non-school educational technology sites. Graduates in this field work as school technology specialists, teachers, technology trainers, instructional designers, and educational media producers. They typically find work in Pre  K-12 school systems, universities, corporate eLearning, educational publishing, and non-profit or government organizations.

Candidates in the Masters of Arts choose between two tracks. The Pre K-12 track allows New York State certified teachers to receive a second teaching certificate as a New York State Educational Technology Specialist. The non-certification track meets the needs of students looking for careers in educational technology in higher education, corporate or public learning, and educational media/software design and production. In addition to the Masters of Arts, the program offers a 5 course advanced graduate certificate in Technology and Open Education.

The Program offers the following plans of study:

M.A. Educational Technology, Pre K-12
M.A. Educational Technology, non-certification
Advanced Certificate Programs in Technology and Open Education

Educational Theatre

Diane Caracciolo, Associate Professor, Program Adviser
Alumnae Hall, Room 115A
p – (516) 877-4099
f – (516) 877-4097
e – caraccio@adelphi.edu or dramaed@adelphi.edu

Adelphi’s programs in Educational Theater have deep roots in the arts as education movement, providing graduates with a network of opportunities to introduce and enhance the use of theatre in schools, cultural institutions, theatre companies, and non-profit organizations. Our programs prepare the performing arts major for multiple roles in the world of theatre education as teaching artists, theatre educators, artistic directors, and arts education coordinators.

Master of Arts Programs

We offer two Master of Arts programs. The M.A. in Educational Theatre, P -12 is a teacher certification program designed to address the needs of performers who are interested in earning NYS certification in theatre P -12. We also offer an M.A. in Educational Theatre, non-certification, designed to nurture educators without a theatre major who would like to learn how to integrate dramatic play into their pedagogy.

Both programs offer a deeply experiential and field-rich curriculum that provides educators and theatre professionals with a theoretically grounded wealth of techniques to help bring learning alive and awaken the imagination of students of any age. The curriculum addresses the potential of the arts to differentiate instruction and to address the special needs of students with disabilities, as well as to enhance the education of second language learners. The program uses theatre to build bridges between the University and local school districts, bringing children to campus for an intensive summer course with graduate students as well as bringing our students into local schools to perform children’s theatre and teach workshops.

The M.A. in Educational Theatre, P-12 is 37 credits and culminates with a student teaching semester taken at the end of the program. Applicants for this program must have successfully completed an undergraduate major in theatre or the equivalent. The 33 credit non-certification program in Educational Theatre parallels the certification program, but does not require the final student teaching semester or health course. The non-certification program is open to all interested graduate candidates, regardless of prior study.

Students in the certification program may need to make up undergraduate deficiencies in liberal arts courses required for teacher certification in New York State. Additionally students in programs leading to NYS teacher certification in theatre must take and pass the three required tests of the New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE).

Bilingual Education and TESOL Programs

Eva Roca, Program Director
Harvey Hall, Room 128
p – (516) 877-4072
f – (516) 877-4097
e – roca2@adelphi.edu

The philosophical framework embraced by the programs in TESOL and Bilingual Education at Adelphi University combines theory, practice, and understandings that are embedded with an awareness and sensitivity of gender, race, class, and ability in P–12 school-age children. Both programs are committed to preparing teachers and related support professionals to meet the needs and demands of diverse communities.

TESOL Programs

Candidates for a Masters in TESOL are required to develop and maintain a standards based portfolio throughout their program of study to assess the candidate’s proficiency in meeting the TESOL standards and demonstrate how they apply these national standards to the College of Education and Health Science’s core values.

Early Childhood Special Education Programs

Dori Phalen, Program Director
Harvey Hall, Room 232
p – (516) 877-4025
f – (516) 877-4097
e – phalen2@adelphi.edu

In keeping with New York State regulations, candidates who wish to become early childhood special educators must also hold content core certification in early childhood (birth through grade 2)

Program of Study

We offer four programs; each designed to meet the unique needs of candidates who have had different levels of preparation. All programs are offered at our Garden City and Manhattan campuses.

Note: These programs are not available for candidates who hold initial certification in students with disabilities birth-grade 2. Students with such certification must take a graduate program leading to a different certification, such as childhood special education, literacy or TESOL, in order to achieve professional certification.

Candidates should meet with the program director for recommended course sequences, fieldwork, and other program requirements.


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