Spring 2024 Update 
    Jul 14, 2024  
Spring 2024 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHY (0156) 114 - Physics for Science Majors II

Credits: 4.00

Calculus-based introductory physics course covering electromagnetism and optics. Topics covered include: electrostatics, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, Maxwell’s equations, geometrical optics, physical optics (polarization, interference and diffraction). Personal computers will be used to solve a number of problems.

Distribution Requirement Natural Sciences

Prerequisite 1: PHY 113  
Corequisite: MTH 142  

Repeatable: No Grade Type: Regular
Free Note: PHY 112  and PHY 114  Labs are interchangeable.   Students may not receive credit for both PHY 112 and PHY 114. Free Note 3: Students must register for Lecture, Lab, and Recitation