May 25, 2018  
2017-18 University Bulletin 
2017-18 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School Psychology, Psy.D.

NY State Program Code: 39183
HEGIS Code: 0826.02
CIP Code: 42.2805

(99 credits)

Required courses include:

Doctoral Curriculum

Degree Completion Requirement

First Year (30 credits)

Second Year (33 credits)

Third Year (29 credits)

Fourth Year (7 credits)

Advanced Track

Candidates entering the program with an MA degree in School Psychology will be required to complete a minimum of 48 credits in courses that are not typically covered in school psychology MA programs, such as psychoeducational interventions with an emphasis on social equity and learning and emotional difficulties, systemic and peer-mediated interventions and psychotherapy interventions for children and adolescents.  Candidates will also have an opportunity to choose an elective course from an area of specialization of their interest.  In terms of fieldwork and internship requirements, candidates in the advanced track will be expected to complete a 500 hour clinical externship in the second year of their studies at a clinical, community or specialized school setting and a 1,750 hour internship at an approved setting in the final year of their studies.    Since candidates in the advanced standing track would have already completed a year-long fieldwork experience in a school setting prior to graduating from the MA program in school psychology, they will not be required to complete a practicum at a school setting. 


The course sequence for candidates entering on an advanced status is provided below:

Table 2: Course Sequence for candidates with an MA degree in School Psychology (minimum 48 credits)

Candidates who have not completed any of the prerequisite courses listed below will have to register for them either before they start the program or within their first year in the program.  Because all of these courses are typical courses in MA programs in school psychology, it is expected that almost all candidates with an MA degree in School Psychology applying to the program would have completed them.


First Year (21 credits)

Second Year (20 credits)





Third Year (7 credits)