2015-16 University Bulletin 
    Jan 26, 2022  
2015-16 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Emergency Services Administration, A.S.

NY State Program Code: 31711
CIP Code:

Candidates for this degree must have completed at least 64 credits, 30 of which must be taken in graded course work at the University. No more than 30 of the total credits may be awarded from prior learning. In all cases, candidates must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.5.

This program is available entirely online or can be completed taking a mixture of online and live-instruction courses.

University College General Education and Core Requirements

All University College students must meet the requirement of four core courses and six distribution courses, as described here.

Requirements for the Associate of Science (A.S) in Emergency Services Administration

Required GPA: 2.0
Major GPA: 2.5
Credits Required to Graduate: 64

Semester Sequence

Degree: A.S.
Required GPA: 2.0
Major GPA: 2.5
Credits Required to Graduate: 64

Course Credits 0-30 31-60
    Fall Spring Fall Spring
0611-121: Expository & Professional Writing 4      
Science Elective 4      
0613-205: Global and Societal Development and Conflict 4      
0612-110: Quantitative Problem Solving 4      
0210-262: Principles of Management 3    
Art 2 courses
Humanities 2 courses
Social Science 2 courses
Major courses (see below) 15        


*For more information regarding our General Education requirements, please contact an academic advisor