2021-22 University Bulletin 
    Aug 12, 2022  
2021-22 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

4+ 1 Program in Exercise Science, B.S. & Exercise Science, M.S.

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NY State Program Code: 28976 (BS Exercise Science)
HEGIS Code: 1299.30
CIP Code: 31.0505  
NY State Program Code:
24574 (MS Exercise Science)
HEGIS Code: 1299.30
CIP Code: 26.0908  

Required Major GPA: 3.00
Required Overall GPA: 3.00
Credits Required for Major: 60 B.S. in Exercise Science/36 M.S. in Exercise Science
Credits Required to Graduate: 120 B.S. Exercise Science/21 additional M.S. Exercise Science

The 4+1 B.S./M.S. Exercise Science program is an accelerated pathway to complete both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Exercise Science in a five-year period (or its equivalent).  Students may qualify to take a maximum of five (5) designated graduate courses in the fourth year (or its equivalent) of the baccalaureate program and count the credit earned in these courses toward the requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.  A specialized plan of study may be developed for students who are interested in proceeding to careers in allied health, which may include, but is not limited to physical therapy, medicine (physician or physician assistant), nutrition and nursing. This plan of study is designed in conjunction with an adviser so that students may fulfill pre-requisite courses necessary for application to professional school programs while studying exercise science.


General Education

All students must satisfy the University’s General Education requirements in addition to the requirements for the major. Students completing the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must also satisfy the University’s foreign language requirement. There is no University requirement for a foreign language for the B.A. degree awarded by other schools of the University or for other bachelor’s degrees such as the B.S. or B.F.A. The State of New York requires 3 credits of a foreign language or passing score on the NY State Regents test in a language other than English. 

Exercise Science Electives

(19 credits)

 Exercise Science (ESC, 0854), Physical Education (PED, 0852), Physical Education – Skills (PES, 0853), and Health Studies (HED, 0834) courses approved through advisement.


Physical Therapy/ Allied Health Admission Requirements

Students who are interested in preparing for physical therapy or other allied health professions should see their adviser for specific pre-requisite courses required for admission to professional schools. 

These courses may include the following: two semesters of biology, chemistry, and physics that include both lectures and labs, two courses in psychology, and specific math requirements. Students should check the required prerequisites for professional programs of interest and consult with their adviser.


Requirements for the Master of Science (M.S.) in Exercise Science

Semester Sequence

4+1 B.S./M.S. Exercise Science
Required GPA: 3.00 
Credits Required for Major: B.S. 60, M.S. 36
Credits Required to Graduate: B.S. 120 + 21 additional M.S.
Course Credits Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior 5th Year
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Summer Fall  Spring
ESC (0854) 104 Introduction to Exercise Science  3                    
ESC (0854) 288 Sports Medicine  3                    
PED (0852) 315 Motor Development 3                    
ESC (0854) 361 Kinesiology  3                    
ESC (0854) 463 Physiology of Exercise 3                    
ESC (0854) 472 Techniques of Athletic Training 3                    
ESC (0854) 498 Practicum* 3                    
ESC (0854) 503 Psychology of Sport 3                    
ESC (0854) 563  Adult Fitness Programming 3                    
ESC (0854) 564 Nutrition and Physical Activity 3                    
BIO (0105) 203 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4                    
BIO (0105) 204 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4                    
HED (0834) 205 Nutrition for Healthful Living 3                    
Electives 19             or ✓      
ESC (0854) 621 Lab Investigations 3                    
ESC (0854) 560  Clinical Aspects 3                    
ESC (0854) 618 Advanced Exercise Physiology  3                    
ESC (0854) 650 Research and Design of Experiment 3                    
ESC (0854) 619 Advanced Exercise Physiology II 3                    
ESC (0854) 500-700 Elective 3                    
ESC (0854) 792-Internship 3                    
*Students must have department approval, a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 in the major to be eligible for the 4+1 Program
Students must select 19 credits of electives in consultation with an advisor.  A maximum of 15 credits may apply to both the B.S. and M.S.
Note: Minimum Major and Overall GPA required.  B.S. candidates must attain a grade of C or higher in all major courses to be eligible for continuance, practicum, or enrollment into 500-level courses.  



  • Major students must attain a grade of C- or higher in all major courses to be eligible for continuance, practicum, or enrollment into 500-level courses.

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