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2021-22 University Bulletin 
2021-22 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business of Science Bachelor’s Plus One-Year M.B.A Biology

Business of Science Bachelor’s Plus One-Year M.B.A

The combined 5-year Business of Science program is designed to provide students with an exceptional educational experience in science and business.  This flexible plan is designed for students looking for an interdisciplinary experience that provides them with the depth of a BS in Science and the business fundamentals of an MBA.  


Students in this plan will pick an undergraduate major in one of the sciences including:

  • Biology, B.S. (123 undergraduate credits)
  • Biochemistry, B.S. (126 undergraduate credits)
  • Chemistry, B.S. (120 undergraduate credits)
  • Computer Science, B.S. (121 - 127 undergraduate credits, depending on track)
  • Mathematics, B.S. (122 undergraduate credits)
  • Physics, B.S. (120 undergraduate credits)


Of the undergraduate courses that count toward the Bachelor’s degree, students will need to complete all of the following courses while they are undergraduates and obtain a B* or higher in order to complete the prerequisites of program (the total number of credits depends on the science major and math course as listed above):


* If students do not achieve a B or higher in a course, they have the option of taking an optional placement exam to fulfill a waiver for each undergraduate business class except Principles of Management, Legal & Ethical Environment, and Managerial Finance. To find these exams, please reach out to Michael Minutoli, Director of Graduate Programs in the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business via email at .


Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree, students will have completed 33 credits toward the MBA and possibly one graduate course and will then pursue 33 graduate credits in their fifth year, as listed in the Master’s program.  


Advanced Core 33 credits
ACC (0201) 600 Accounting For Managerial Analysis Credits: 3.00
BUS (0204) 689 Negotiation for the Business Professional Credits: 3.00
DSC (0207) 678 Creating Organizational Value with Operations and Supply Chain Management Credits: 3.00
DSC (0207) 770 Management of Technology Credits: 3.00
FIN (0209) 734 Building Shareholder Value Credits: 3.00
MGT (0210) 666 Leadership & Innovation In Complex Systems Credits: 3.00
BUS (0204) 679 Strategic Management Credits: 3.00 (Capstone course)
Either of the following two courses:   
BUS (0204) 662 /ENT (0215) 662 Entrepreneurship/ Intrapreneurship Credits: 3.00  or
HRM (0208) 765 Developing World Class Human Resources Credits: 3.00
  + 9 graduate level business credits of electives for specialization, from the Business school’s website:


(9 credits–required for all students)

Depending upon interests and career objectives, students can make the focus of their M.B.A. program as broad or as narrow as they wish. Those seeking a broader course of study can select from advanced elective courses that span the entire spectrum of the business curricula. Specialization is available to those whose interests lie in one of the more traditional management spheres. Students opting for a specialization choose their electives from a prescribed list of courses relating to that specific discipline. Specializations are available in the following areas: Accounting; Finance; Health Services Administration; Human Resource Management; Management; Management Information Systems; Marketing; Sport Management. [Note: The linked pages display the complete set of requirements for the M.B.A. degree with a particular specialization; the courses specific to each specialization are shown at the end of each page].


Students are welcomed to contact:

  • Assistant Professor Matthew Wright, Director of the Business of Science*
  • Britt’ny Brown, Director of Graduate Programs in the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business
  • Professor Tandra Chakraborty, Biology Chair
  • Associate Professor Melissa VanAlstine-Parris, Chemistry
  • Professor Robert Bradley, Mathematics and Computer Science Chair
  • Professor Zhimin Huang, Decision Sciences and Marketing

* Dr. Matthew Wright is available to answer general questions about the program as well as physics specific questions.

Semester Sequence

Degree: B.S.
 Credits Required for Major: 123 
Course Credits Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
BIO (0105) 111 Bio-I 4              
CHE (0106) 111 Chemistry I 4              
GEN (0952) 110 First Year Seminar 4              
ECA (0203) 111 The Price System 3              
BIO (0105) 112 Bio II 4              
CHE (0106) 112 Chemistry II 4              
ENG (0122) 107 Writing 3              
ACC (0201) 101 Principles of Accounting I 3              
MTH (0144) 114 Statistics for Natural Sciences 3              
CHE (0106) 251/253 Organic Chemistry (Lecture and Lab)  5              
BIO (0105) 222 Genetics 3              
BIO (0105) 224 Genetics Project Lab 2              
MGT (0210) 262 Principles of Management  3              
ECA (0203) 112 The National Economy 3              
CHE (0106) 252/254 Organic Chemistry (Lecture and Lab) 5              
BIO (0105) Biology Category II 4              
BUS (0204) 252 Legal & Ethical Environment  3              
PHY (0156) 111 or 113 Physics I 4              
BIO (0105) Biology Category I 4              
MTH (0144) Math Elective 3              
Liberal Arts Elective 3              
Liberal Arts Elective 3              
PHY (0156) 112 or 114 Physics II 4              
BIO (0105) Biology Category III 4              
Liberal Arts Elective 3              
DSC (0207) 274 Data Anlys & Decision Mkng 3              
MGT (0210) 366 Organizational Behavior 3              
BIO (0105) Biology Elective 4              
BIO (0105) Biology Elective 3              
MKT (0212) 280 Marketing 3              
Liberal Arts Elective 3              
FIN (0209) 330 Managerial Finance 3              
BIO (0105) Biology Capstone 3              
BIO (0105) Biology Elective 4              
DSC (0207) 478 Management Information Systems & Business Analytics 3              
Liberal Arts Elective 3              

5th Year Graduate School Sequence

Course Credits Fall Spring
0204-689 Negotiation for the Business Professional  3  
0201-600 Accounting For Managerial 3  
0207-678 Creating Organizational Value with Operations and Supply Chain Management 3  
0207-770 Management of Technology 3  
0210-666 Leadership & Innovation In Complex Systems 3  
Specialization** 3  
0204-679 Strategic Management 3  
0204-662 Entrepreneurship/ Intrapreneurship or 0215-662 Entrepreneurship/ Intrapreneurship OR 0208-765 Developing World Class Human Resources 3  
0209-734 Building Shareholder Value 3  
Specialization 3  
Specialization 3  

** Students may elect to take 2 specialization courses in Fall based on chosen specialization.