Jan 17, 2021  
Spring 2020 Update 
Spring 2020 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

STEP Childhood Education

NYS Program Code: 23166 (B.S./M.A.), 23167 (B.A./M.A.)
HEGIS Code: 0801.00
CIP Code: 13.0101

Kogan, Esther
Visiting Associate Professor and Director, S.T.E.P.
Harvey Hall - Room 226
p - 516.877.3682
f - 516.877.4097
e - kogan@adelphi.edu

(Grades 1-6) (35 credits in Education)

To be taken in conjunction with a liberal arts major.

Students in the STEP childhood education sequence must major in one of the liberal arts and sciences and complete the University General Education requirements. Please note: All liberal arts majors with the exception of dance are acceptable majors.

Requirements for STEP Childhood Education

NYS Program Code: 23166 (B.S./M.A.), 23167 (B.A./M.A.)
HEGIS Code: 0801.00
CIP Code: 13.0101

Required GPA: 2.75 Cumulative, 3.00 in Education Courses
Undergraduate Credits Required to Earn B.S. or B.A.: 120
Graduate Credits Required to Earn M.A.: 33

(35 credits in Education)

Graduate Requirements (5th Year)


(12 credits)


(12 credits)

Additional Graduation Requirements

Additional Information

The Scholar Teacher Education Program (S.T.E.P.) is a unique, five-year, combined baccalaureate and master’s program for students preparing to teach at the childhood and adolescent levels. The first four years of S.T.E.P. allow for completion of the General Education requirements, a student-selected major in a liberal arts discipline and additional New York State requirements for certification. Course work and field experience at the undergraduate level lead directly into a full-time, field-based course of study on the graduate (fifth-year) level.

Courses during the fifth year are graduate-level courses. The fifth-year sequence requires active participation in schools including one semester of student teaching.

STEP Childhood Education B.A./M.A. Semester Sequence

Degree: B.A. - M.A. B.S. - M.A.
Required GPA: 2.75 Cumulative
3.00 Education Courses
Undergraduate Credits Required to Earn B.A. or B.S.: 120
Graduate Credits Required to Earn M.A.: 33

Course Credits Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
    Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
EST (0836) 102 Orientation Seminar 1 or ✓            
EST (0836) 221 Childhood Development

EST (0836) 302 Perspectives of Teaching & Learning
EST (0836) 310 Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Childhood Education

EST (0836) 304 Community, School & Society 3              
EST (0836) 305 Child w/Special Needs 3              
EST (0836) 307 Philosophy of Education 3              
EST (0836) 402 Social Studies & Critical Literacy 4              
EST (0836) 403 Teaching & Learning Math 4              
EST (0836) 404 Teaching & Learning Science 4              
EST (0836) 406 Approaches to Literacy in Childhood Education I 3              
EST (0836) 407 Approaches to Literacy in Childhood Education II 4              
Major in Arts & Sciences1 30+
Laboratory Science Course2 4 Courses may be taken during any semester.
Foreign or American Sign Language3 3-6 Courses may be taken during any semester.

1 All majors in the College of Arts and Sciences (with the exception of Dance), Psychology, Economics, Humanistic Studies and Social Sciences have been approved by New York State for Childhood Education STEP students.

2Acceptable courses to meet STEP four credit lab science requirements are those offered by specific science departments (biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics) and are considered core requirements for a degree in
any of those sciences. Please note: courses in environmental science are not accepted and do not meet New York State requirements.

3 Students must take 6 credits in a language other than English or 3 credits at Level III or higher to meet New York State Teaching Certification requirements. If a student earned a passing score on the high school Regents Exam in a foreign language or has documented fluency in another language, this requirement will be waived. Additional foreign language requirements may be necessary for students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Students admitted to STEP must consult with the liberal arts advisor.


Graduate Requirements (5th Year)
Summer (9 credits) Fall (12 credits) Spring (12 credits)
ECH (0807) 595 Child Literacies: Literature, Culture and the Arts ECH (0807) 788 Master’s Seminar: Inquiry in Teaching and Learning EST (0836) 604 Classroom Management Strategies for Childhood Educators
EST (0836) 574 Teaching & Learning Aesthetics
EST (0803) 500 Exploring the Arts Series
HED (0834) 571 Health Issues for Elementary School Educators ECH (0807) 795 Student Teaching in Childhood Education: Pre-Certification

ECH (0807) 502 Reflective Practice Seminar in Childhood Eduction
Graduate Education Elective Graduate Elective EDU (0801) 697 Dignity for all Students Act ( D A S A ) Training
  Graduate Education Elective