May 21, 2019  
2018-19 University Bulletin 
2018-19 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UMH (0627) 617 - Leadership, Advocacy & Service Delivery Systems

Credits: 2.00

Students will learn the principles and practices of leadership, legal and regulatory parameters of IDEA parts C & B, CAPTA and other legislation for the protection, education, intervention and social welfare of infants/young children. Students will learn strategies of advocacy, systems transformation and integration through case-based problem solving.   

Free Note: Required for students in IMH-DP program.

1.    To develop a knowledge base and core skills of students in the principles of leadership, advocacy and the operational mechanisms of relevant child serving systems
2.    To develop a working knowledge of the legislative/ regulatory basis for IDEA parts C&B, CAPTA  and other relevant legislation related to the protection, education and social welfare of infants and young children
3.    Through use of case based-problem solving, apply principles of leadership, advocacy and systems transformation and integration 
4.    To acquire skills in referral and systems navigation through role play and case based problem solving
5.    Gain exposure to funding opportunities and grant writing through practice responding to selected section of a representative RFP  
6.    Get exposure to communicating, relating and interagency collaboration with confidentiality, boundaries and managing roles