Oct 20, 2019  
2018-19 University Bulletin 
2018-19 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UMH (0627) 608 - Evidence-Based Approaches to Consultation and Intervention

Credits: 2.00

Students will survey, examine and discuss evidence-based and promising practices applicable to consultation and intervention in Infant Mental Health and Developmental Practice (IMH-DP). Students will gain a working knowledge with fidelity in one selected evidence-based approach as well a broad foundation for therapeutic practice in IMH-DP.

Free Note: Required for students in IMH-DP program.

Describe, in-depth, several evidence-based intervention approaches applicable to young children and families, addressing a variety of needs and challenges and suitable to a range of settings

Evaluate evidence-based approaches and select methodology best suited to specific needs and settings

Implement one selected developmentally appropriate evidence-based approach with fidelity

Conduct programmatic and case specific infant mental health consultations

Implement multi-modal intervention techniques when appropriate, that may cover a range of strategies including but not limited to: individual, dyadic and family interventions, relationship and play-based strategies, psychodynamic and interpretive methodology, behavioral and cognitive- behavioral strategies, structured and open-ended/ process techniques.

Formulate conclusions and recommendations regarding cases, programs and systems that reflect empirical evidence, the clinical and scholarly literature, best practices and the best interest of young children in the matrix of the family as well as socio-cultural and political contexts when consulting., i.e. providing IMH and trauma informed consultation to early care settings, testimony to the court, legislative bodies, agencies, program entities and service systems.