2021-22 University Bulletin 
    Dec 05, 2022  
2021-22 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SWK (0404) 710 - Social Work Assessment and Diagnosis

Credits: 3.00

This course provides an understanding of psychopathology from a social work perspective. Concepts of mental health and mental illness are viewed from a historical and holistic perspective incorporating the impact of socio-economic, gender, racial, ethnic, and cultural factors. The course discusses classification of mental illness, for example anxiety states, mood disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, dementia and schizophrenia, as set forth in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th edition) DSM5. Emphasis is placed on the explanatory power of theories to inform practice on behalf of people with mental illness.

Prerequisite 1: SWK 511  SWK 521