Nov 27, 2021  
Spring 2021 Update 
Spring 2021 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

COM (0108) 351 - Objectivity and the Impact of the Journalism Revolution

Credits: 3.00

Students will explore the basis, evolution, and reality of an objective press, and whether this ideal is possible, or even desirable. To pursue this inquiry, students will examine the challenges to modern journalism presented by the rise of the partisan press, corporate media control, and the influence of social media.

Free Note: Not intended for first year students.

Course Learning Goals: Students will:

1. Students will acquire the multi-technical skills involved in the production of public affairs programs, including scriptwriting, lighting, camera work, editing, directing, and casting.

2. Students will gain experience in working on set with classmates in a television studio environment.

3. Students will practice the shared responsibility of working together as a television crew.