Spring 2021 Update 
    May 27, 2022  
Spring 2021 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HIN (0308) 694 - Business of Healthcare Informatics

Credits: 3.00

This course addresses the management of information systems in healthcare; using American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) model. Exploration of organizational healthcare delivery system will be scrutinized, including; quality through technology, legal, performance, risk, utilization.  Practical context encompasses, data exchange, storage, retention, destruction, indices and registries, applied to decision making. 

Course Learning Goals: Upon completion of this course, the successful student will be able to:

● Assess and exemplify the role of technology in healthcare from the perspective of utilization and management. 

● Defend a practical understanding of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) model. 

● Delineate significance of management information systems implementation, communication, data transfer, storage, and security.

● Elucidate importance of legal aspects of information technology; including fraud and abuse, patient privacy and confidentiality.

● Debate key issues regarding interrelationship of organizational ethical standards, issues, and challenges.

● Demonstrate knowledge of information management: including strategic, operational, and disaster planning; organizing the work environment and people; as well as communication and conflict resolution.

● Interpret the information system life cycle, system architecture, and the electronic health record (EHR)

● Examine financial budgeting, third party payers, and payment methodologies.

● Demonstrate awareness of the value of information literacy and lifelong learning, maintenance of skills, and professional excellence.