Nov 27, 2021  
Spring 2021 Update 
Spring 2021 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CSC (0145) 123 - Survey of Scientific Computing

Credits: 4.00

Students will learn how computational problem solving can support and enhance scientific inquiry. Students will manipulate computer-based data, analyze and transform data sets, and use different data visualization techniques to recognize patterns.

Course Learning Goals: Students will be able to:

● explain how computer programs can support and enable scientific research. Assessed by reflection paper and final projects.

● articulate the range of science problems that can benefit from computation. Assessed by lab exercises and tests.

● apply computational methods and techniques to science problems. Assessed by lab exercises.

● create computer programs that solve directly, or contribute to solutions of, complex problems in biology, chemistry, physics and computer science.  Assessed by lab exercises. 

● explore and manipulate computer-generated data sets in order to perform basic statistical analysis.  Assessed by lab exercises. 

● explore and visualize computer-generated data sets in order to draw inferences.  Assessed by lab exercises.