Nov 27, 2021  
Spring 2021 Update 
Spring 2021 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

COM (0108) 332 - World Cinema

Credits: 3.00

Students will compare foreign films with American films which share a theme or release date.  Through these in-depth comparisons, aided by scholarly readings, cultural differences will be discerned.  Students will enhance their global awareness through the humanism of the films and their sophisticated comparison of the cultures.

Course Learning Goals: At the Completion of the course students will have:
•    acquired a stronger ability to isolate the aesthetics and themes in a movie.
•    acquired an ability to compare one movie and its culture with a contrasting movie and its culture.
•    acquired a broader and deeper sense of foreign cultures as well as a fuller grasp of how culture is expressed through movie making.  
•    acquired an awareness of effective movies outside the mainstream.   

•    Students will be able to accomplish in-depth analysis in writing and in discussion of a particular film in terms of its cinema and its themes.
•    Students will be able to isolate and compare in writing and in discussion the differences between the themes and styles of two particular movies from different cultures.
•    Students will be able to articulate in writing and in discussion differences in particular cultures through the viewing movies from those cultures.
•    Students will be able effectively isolate in writing and in discussion the intention of a particular movie outside the mainstream.