Spring 2021 Update 
    Dec 03, 2022  
Spring 2021 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO (0105) 796 - Scholarly Paper

Credits: 3.00

Student will review and summarize the current primary literature in a specific field of biology under guidance of a faculty member. Requires independent study form, approval of a proposal by the supervisory committee at the beginning of the semester, and presentation of a formal seminar of findings to the department for completion.

Prerequisite 1: BIO 790  or BIO 791  or BIO 792  or BIO 793  
Free Note: Cannot be applied to the thesis option

Course Learning Goals: Students will:

1. Write a scholarly paper. The paper should be based on primary research literature with at least 40 references. Typically, scholarly papers are 40-50 pages. 

2. Prepare and present a formal presentation on the scholarly paper.

3. Defend the scholarly paper to a committee of at least three faculty.