Aug 13, 2020  
Spring 2020 Update 
Spring 2020 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CSC (0145) 280 - Introduction to Cybersecurity

Credits: 3.00

Students will be provided with a broad introduction to cybersecurity. Students will learn about common cyber attacks and their effects, who commits them, and why they occur. Students will learn how to detect such attacks. Students will gain up-to- date knowledge, based on a solid theoretical foundation.

Prerequisite 1: CSC 150  or CSC 170  or CSC 171  
Students will:
•    Learn how to read and communicate about cybersecurity. This will be done through the interpretation of news reports concerning cybersecurity breaches, have relevant discussions about them with novices as well as subject-matter experts, and provide suggestions as to how to mitigate root causes.
•    Define, explain and apply the concepts of authentication, access control and audit in a controlled environment. 
•    Define cryptography, be able to identify and explain elements that are crucial in implementing cryptographic solutions, and have be able to explain basic cryptographic applications.
•    Explore the role of cybersecurity in current organizations, and be able to have meaningful discussions as to how cybersecurity is managed and defensive strategies.