Jan 18, 2021  
Spring 2020 Update 
Spring 2020 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CSC (0145) 482 - Computer Science Senior Seminar II

Credits: 3.00

Students will complete their final research project or applied project that was proposed in Senior  Seminar I. Students will have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge that they have gained from across the curriculum into a final research project or thesis.

Prerequisite 1: CSC 481  
Free Note: Capstone Course.  Senior Standing Required.

Students will:
•    Independently explore and study an advanced topic in computer science. This objective will be measured by the final project.
•    Formally present their work in both oral presentations and written reports. This objective will be measured by the progress reports, presentation at Adelphi’s Research Day, the Department Research Day, and the final project.
•    Constructively critique and discuss the work of others. This objective will be measured by the weekly feedback that students will provide to the work completed by their peers.