Apr 16, 2021  
Spring 2020 Update 
Spring 2020 Update [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDT (0858) 604 - Technology and Society

Credits: 3.00

Students are introduced to major critical views on technology, culture, society, and education.  Students are also exposed to perspectives and ideologies such as Marxist, feminist, and posthumanism.  These positions will help students analyze and contextualize the role of technology along sociotechnical, historical, political, pedagogical, and ethical lines.

Free Note: Instructors approval required for non-education majors

Course Learning Goals:
1) Understand major topics in philosophy of technology; 2) Apply a philosophical lens to critique current and emerging technologies; 3) Compare and contrast different philosophical traditions and synthesize them to make coherent arguments and assess the role of technology in society; 4) Understand the various positions (e.g. feminism, anti-technology) and why they are relevant to the development and use of technology.