Jaws,Teeth and Forensic Dentistry   [ARCHIVED CATALOG]
2015-2016 University Bulletin

BIO (0105) 362 - Jaws,Teeth and Forensic Dentistry

Credits: 4

Analyze the evolutionary and developmental anatomy, variability, genetic and congenital anomalies, wear, trauma, and pathogenesis of dental structures and surfaces, and the dental masticatory apparatus as part of the cranium. Train in forensically assessing aspects of human jaws and teeth from prehistoric sites to recent CSI cases. Lecture and laboratory.

Distribution Requirement Natural Sciences

When Offered: Fall

Prerequisite 1: BIO 112   Prerequisite 2: ANT 112  
Free Note: Co-Listed with Anthropology 0103-362 .37.5 hours of lab work required.

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