2020-21 University Bulletin 
    Aug 16, 2022  
2020-21 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fall 2020 Grading Policy

In light of the extremely unusual circumstances which have continued due to COVID-19, eligible students have the option of converting letter grades in Fall 2020 classes to Pass/No Credit within seven days after their grades have been posted. 

This policy is applicable to undergraduate students, with restrictions based on course/program as described below. College/school rules may also make this policy applicable to graduate students, with possible restrictions. 

Students in eligible programs/courses can request a conversion of the assigned grade to a P (Pass) or NC (No Credit). 

Before submitting grade change requests, students consult with their academic advisor and Student Financial Services to understand the potential impact on financial aid, certification requirements, NCAA eligibility, graduate school applications, joint program articulation agreements, Latin Honors eligibility, Dean’s List eligibility, and related questions.

Grades of P earned during the Fall 2020 semester may be applied to General Education, Foreign Language, and major/minor/program degree requirements, with possible exceptions in Nursing, Accounting, Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP), Physical Education, Art Education, Music Education, and Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Restrictions on Pass/Fail classes related to academic probation and independent studies will not apply to students opting for Pass/No Credit for Fall 2020.

Rules and Restrictions by College/School

College of Arts and Sciences: Graduate students in Environmental Studies, Math, Computer Science, and Biology programs may convert grades of B- or higher to grades of P; grades below B- may be converted to grades of NC. Graduate students in the MFA program are not eligible to convert grades to P or NC. 

Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology: All graduate students have the option to convert to P/NC. For the PhD and the School Psych Programs, a grade of C+ or below may be converted to a grade of NC. For the Infant Mental Health, MA, and MHC programs, a grade of B- and below may be converted to a grade of NC. 

College of Education and Health Sciences: In Communication Science Disorders, undergraduates are not eligible for the P grade in LIN 103 or any SPE course; graduate students in the Speech Language Pathology and Audiology programs are not eligible to convert grades to P or NC. In Education, undergraduate and graduate students are ineligible for P grades, but may convert grades below C- to an NC. In Health and Sport Sciences, graduate students are ineligible to convert grades to P/NC. 

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business: Graduate students have the option to convert grades to P/NC. In the MS Professional Accounting program and the accounting concentration of the MBA program, grades of B or higher may be converted to P; grades below B may be converted to NC. In all other graduate programs in this school, grades of B- or higher may be converted to P; grades below may be converted to NC. 

College of Nursing and Public Health: Undergraduate studuents have the option of converting letter grades in selected classes to Pass/ No Credit while adhering to the following guidelines:

  • The option of “Pass/ No Credit” does not apply to nursing (NUR) courses required for the major.  Students enrolled in these courses will receive a letter grade.
  • For ONE science pre-requisite course that a student is enrolled in during the Fall 2020 semester, a letter grade of C+ or higher can be converted to a “Pass [P], while a lower grade can convert to a special “No Credit” [NC] designation.

   This applies to the following science prerequisite courses*:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II  (BIO 203 and BIO 204)
  • Chemistry 109 (CHE 109)
  • Microbiology (BIO 208)
  • Genetics (BIO 209)
  • Pathophysiology (BIO 210)

* This option can be exercised for ONE of the above science courses during the Fall 2020 semester.

  • For the following other pre-requisite courses, any letter grade of C or higher can be converted to a “Pass [P], while any lower grades can convert to a special “No Credit” [NC] designation.
    • Statistics (MTH 113)
    • Lifespan development (PIA 114)
  • Students who choose a “No Credit” grade for Fall 2020 will have to repeat the course. There will be no impact on the overall cumulative GPA if this option is chosen. The designation of “No Credit” will not be counted towards the policy of dismissal for failure of more than one science course.
  •  Students who choose a “Pass” grade for one pre-requisite science course in Fall 2020 will receive academic credit and the course will be applied to their major requirements. 

Important note: Not all nursing graduate schools will accept a grade of “P” on a prerequisite science course.  If choosing this option, students should be fully aware of the potential impact it may have on graduate school admission. 

School of Social Work: In the MSW program, grades of C- or better may be converted to a grade of P; in the PhD program, grades of B- or better may be converted to a grade of P; grades below may be converted to NC. 

College of Professional and Continuing Studies: BIO 204 and CHE 109 are ineligible for grade conversions for students in the AA Liberal Arts program. In the graduate Emergency Management program grades of B or better may be converted to a grade of P.

College Education and Health Sciences: Students in the Nutrition program are ineligible for grade conversions.

In addition, each school/college has specific guidelines regarding the application of P grades toward degree requirements. Students will consult with advisors regarding these and other eligibility concerns. Additional information can be found at https://www.adelphi.edu/policies/covid-19-grading-policy/.